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selfless man who made it his mission to make other smile. ♪ >> 37 year-old officer youngstrom was laid to rest today at a service in vacaville. an estimated 1500 people including the governor, attorney general, and many of his fellow officers came from all over the state and the country to remember a seven year veteran of the force. >> i know you can hear me, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me >> tyler carleton with youngstrom peat partner of the day he was shot in the head during a traffic stop. youngstrom was talking to the driver of a jeep that carlton had pulled over for obscured license plate when that driver identified as christopher lacey shot youngstrom in the head. carlton then shot and killed lacey >> i often have four thoughts
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that creep into my mind of why or what if or i could have, but then i keep reminding myself that everything does happen for a reason. that this was it all in god's plans and that his plans are perfect every time. >> i'm really proud of my dad and i never realized, i talk about him all the time because that is how proud i am of him >> youngstrom died last wednesday after remaining on my support for a day and half. his organs were donated >> he is a dad, and uncle, a son, a brother, a friend, a hero and a christian. the best part in know is that he will be there. this is not the end. >> the officer's name will be
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etched in the chp memorial fountain in sacramento. >> you can hear more from officer youngstrom partner on our website. also stories shared by the fallen officer son and niece. >> word of the arrests in libya in tuesday's deadly assault on the u.s. consulate. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, a bay area native, was among four americans killed in the attacks. another victim was a 42 year- old from san diego. the news comes as a anti- american fury over an anti islamic film continues to spread across borders. protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen and there were violent riots in libya and egypt. a protest in cairo is happening right now. so far no reports of any violence from this demonstration but danielle nottingham explains the worst
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may be yet to come. >> protests over an anti muslim film on you to continue through the night in cairo. during the day riot police used tear gas to keep angry demonstrators away from the u.s. embassy. in yemen police used water cannons to hold off protesters who earlier climbed over the embassy's iron gate. fresh eye and anti-american demonstrations also broke out in iraq. >> there is no justification, not at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> secretary of state hillary clinton appealed for calm and express to the muslim world that the film in question does not represent the u.s. government. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible >> the state department is bracing for even bigger protests following friday prayer in the middle east. thursday president obama said he ordered all the necessary
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steps to protect americans abroad. tuesday night, violence at the u.s. consulate in libya left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. libyan authorities reported they have made some arrests >> i saw those press reports before i came down, i was not able to confirm them, but it would be a good thing if we're starting to move forward >> the fbi opened an investigation as officials try to sort out whether this is a protest that got out of hand or an organized terrorist attack. a government source says the fbi is sending investigators to germany to interview libyan and u.s. consulate personnel who were evacuated. >> charlie d'agata got a first look inside the u.s. compound where the attack took place. his report is coming up next on the cbs evening news.
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today, president obama promised swift retribution for the attack >> i want people around the world to hear me, to all those who would do us harm, no act of terrorism will go unpunished >> the president made the comments during a campaign stop in colorado yesterday. yesterday his republican rival criticize the president in how he handled the situation. today mitt romney stressed the need for a strong military to deter similar violence. >> we need to have a military second to none and that is so strong no one would ever think of contesting it >> a protester disrupted his attempt to hold moment of silence for the victims into libya attack. supporters groundout the destruction by chanting usa. police are searching a west oakland neighborhood for an armed burglary suspect. it started at 930 this morning
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when someone reported a burglary in a vacant home. police fired beanbags into the house. they searched the inside of the home there is new fallout over a traffic ticket given to the mayor of san jose. not the fact that he got the ticket but what happened afterwards that could have someone in big trouble. len ramirez on what some are calling ticket gate. >> there are a lot of questions surrounding this right now, was there more than one officer involved, who were they, was this some sort of a sting operation intended to embarrass the mayor? those are questions the chief of police wants answered. >> pulled over for not singling 100 ft. before making a right- hand turn >> citing the mayor for legitimate of violation is one thing but an officer leaky photo
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of the traffic ticket to a social media site is another >> we're still investigating >> the san jose police chief has vowed to get to the bottom of a serious violation >> we do have an investigation being conducted to find out if we could determine who released it, why and if somebody is held accountable, our administrative discipline office would take its course >> it happened while the mayor was driving to work. >> officers stopped and behave professionally, no criticism of the way he handled the incident >> but within a couple of hours a photograph of the ticket was circulating on the internet. he says the police union did not have anything to do with it but noted it comes at a time when morale is low >> i have never seen animosity the strong in the years i've been here and he has a lot to
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bear on that and it has been his approach >> the disciplinary action that could range from a citation were being written up in your personal file, suspension, possibly even termination although that is not likely. the mayor seems to be taking this in stride and says it is his first ticket in decades and says he will probably just pay it instead of going to traffic school. >> a stanford student is the latest victim in a recent string of sexual assaults in palo alto. the victim says a man groper yesterday in the intersection of sarah street and campus drive and then ran off into similar assaults were reported late last month. if fire destroys a campus building at beechwood school in menlo park. when fire crews showed up at
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about 430 this morning, no one was hurt and the causes under investigation. >> 13 million kids are bullied every day >> it is the fight against a bully epidemic. out hundreds of bay area kids are getting a hard lesson in the consequences of bullying. >> the forecast included widespread 90s in the in inland locations. find out what all of us did not get the warm air and find out which weekend day will be warmer, next. >> a real life dr. doolittle has a mission at the san francisco zoo. how he plans to improve the moods of the animals living there >>,,,,,,,,
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>> students across san francisco took part in a unique movie screening today joe vasquez
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shows us how filmmakers are trying to make schools safer by confronting the issue of bullying >> this data is the most common form of violence experienced by old people and it the maker of the film expert believes they can't stop bullying cold. >> it was sad, heartbreaking, i was crying >> 13 year-old lamar knows about bullying >> i got pushed into a locker >> that's what happened to the boy in the movie >> he had his face shoved into the wall >> he and ended up taking his own life leaving a devastated father behind >> kids would go tell him to hang himself because he is worthless and i think he got to the point where enough was enough >> 800 san francisco students piled into the theater today for the premiere of bully and more than 2000 of their colleagues from across the city also
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watched at their schools at the same time >> were you ever bullied? >> yes i was and i did my share as well >> mayor lee says he was picked on for a smaller stature and his chinese-american heritage >> people just wanted to see what the reaction might be by calling names out. at the same time i think it was natural for me to turn around and find who was weaker than me and realize that, put myself in that person's position >> the film maker hopes that is the realization the kids laugh. they all raised their hands after the movie was over declaring they will step in and stop bullying next time they see it >> just like a drunk driving, 30 years ago people said it's fine will just drive home but today they don't do that. that is where we're going with bullying >> the plan is to have every student watch the movie and of millions of more will also see it across the country.
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>> an animal psychologist has a new mission at the san francisco zoo. find out why the animals are so sad. find out how he says he can help improve the mood at the zoo >> remember those lifetime free checking,,
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>> the federal reserve is taking aggressive action to get the u.s. economy a shot in the arm. the fed will spend $40 billion per month buying mortgage bonds to keep money flowing through the economy. it will continue to do that until the job market begins to improve >> we would like to see an economy that is strong enough that it will support improving labor market conditions and unemployment that is declining gradually. that is essentially what we're looking for >> the fed will also keep interest rates near 0 until at least 2015 to help businesses and consumers. wall street celebrated today's announcement, the dow is up 200 points finishing at its highest level in five years. when you buy something with a lifetime guarantee you expect it will last a lifetime but a south bay viewer found that was not
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the case with her free checking account. >> i believe the ad actually said 365 years of free checking >> the way she figures it she still has another 349 years ago. back in 1996 she opened an account at bank of the west which promised free checking for life the last month she discovered in a dollar charge had been deducted from her checking account every month since april >> the fees came from my no fee checking account >> when she contacted the bank the bank told her that her account had been converted to another type, one with a monthly fee unless she met certain conditions like getting direct deposit or maintaining a $1,000 balance >> is not right to use terms like lifetime and then change them while i'm still alive >> dozens of other customers are complaining about the same thing in this on-line petition.
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she contacted consumer watch. volunteer shirley contacted bank of the west and within hours the bank restored her free checking and refunded the fees. >> they said they had been contacted by cbs and said they had been rectified the issue and reinstate my lifetime checking >> while we no longer offer that promotion, we stand by our promises, something that she says will have her sticking with bank of the west well into the future >> i feel i got another 60 years of banking with them. >> the nation's largest five banks no longer offered free checking but you may find it at regional banks or online banks. >> call him the zoo whisperer,
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maybe another super hero. a newcomer is on a mission to work his magic and get inside the animals minds. mike sherman on how he tries to break the fine line. >> animals have a mind of their own. >> i think he is thinking he is hungry >> that was an untrained guess, a professional? >> he said feed me now >> animals come in all different stripes, some of them are cool, some of them are just lying. this man knows the mall but don't call him dr. doolittle >> dr. do a lot is what i would like to be. >> he is the newest employee at the san francisco zoo, a former zoo director and psychologists.
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>> i'm not an aardvark whisper or anything like that >> now he is on the payroll as an advisor to help zookeeper's understand the animals a little bit better >> probably one of the most difficult things in the world is to get inside an animal's head >> that is not where it what we're talking about >> we don't really know what they're thinking. you just have to use to the best of your ability and perceptual skills, your intuition >> he won't put the draft on a couch not that he would fit anyway. >> i see the dominant one is the one on the right >> this is a relative new thing in zoos, he's helping keep the animal safe and happy as they can beat. >> can you do something about a beautiful weekend? >> the answer is yes.
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if it was that simple i probably wouldn't be working here but high pressure will be hanging out so the only thing changing over the weekend will be the temperature. a peek outside at some-clouds. inland locations did get hot today. pleasanton top out at 97. of south coast, 84. 68 in burlingame. mid-60's in the city of san francisco. low clouds are hanging tough and near the bay, temperatures in the upper 60s. 80 degrees the evening temperature and wind. we have a little bit of an onshore flow courtesy of weak low pressure to the northwest but the big weather feature is still this area of high pressure. not as strong as we first
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thought but still strong enough to impact the weather. it is sliding down to the south over the weekend. that subtle change will bring enough to bring on the onshore flow. mainly sunny skies each afternoon but we will see a cooling trend as that onshore flow increases. highs near 90 once again. in the '70s near the bay with a slight cooling trend this weekend. 81 in sunnyvale, 81 in campbell. 74 in hayward. concord 87, 91 in fairfield. 64 degrees in the city with sunshine in the afternoon. the weekend is looking good.
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low '70's near the bay and low '60's at the coast. cooling down even further next week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the big apple is downsizing its soda pop. today they banned big bottles of high calorie sugar fill drinks. it puts a 16 oz size limit on cups and bottles of non diet soda. the rule does not apply to supermarkets or convenience stores. this is new york city's way of fighting the obesity epidemic. the soft-drink industry vows to keep fighting the ban. eating chicken eggs might be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes according to a new report. >> @ blog all on patrol hill,
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chicken eggs are always on the menu. for good reason, people love to eat them. >> over medium >> a simple omelet >> it is no wonder new research has ruffled a few feathers. a study says that eating a yolks is almost as bad as smoking. too much of one make of your arteries >> i have them for breakfast, i like cheeseburgers any time with bacon and eggs >> it was by no means definitive research >> the cardiologists has lots of patients asking about the steady >> i advised them to continue eating them >> she says they have a lot of good protein and good cholesterol which we need to function properly >> studies have shown that eating four-seven of them per week is consistent with a healthy diet >> she says we should all be watching our diets and a matter what our risk for heart disease
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>> it really is the big picture, as long as they are part of a healthy diet with a lot of grains and fruits and vegetables and lots of water with no smoking, you can still be at very low risk for heart disease >> that is enough to make anyone crack a smile >> dr. redbird says people with high cholesterol are very high risk and already have a super high cholesterol, they should go with a white only on lit but most of us are fortunate enough that we can eat whole thing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. letter sent to congress to save a bay area post office. why this particular place serves as so much more than a hub for deliveries. be careful where you keep your batteries. how a certain storage space could cause them to explode. that and more at 6 >> thank you for watching the cbs evening news is next. a latest news and weather are always on cbs says that dot com.

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